We need to talk about CX outcomes, not just feedback

Your success correlates to how broadly your firm views CX

When firms relegate CX to asking paying clients how the provided service was, they are only barely scratching the surface of what CX can be doing for their firm. It’s like going to the doctor’s office for an annual physical/check-up and the doctor pops his head in the room for 5 seconds and asks, in passing, if you’re doing okay and asking you for either a thumbs-up or a thumbs down before he races off to the next patient to do the same. The reality is this is how most services-based firms are conducting CX.

How to view CX

Here’s the trick, stop thinking of CX as a thing you do and start thinking of CX as a firm-wide mindset. If you must think of it as a thing you do, please expand your idea of what that thing can do for your firm to encompass far more than you may currently see.

When firms adopt a CX mindset, they are putting people’s experiences at the center of everything they think about, plan, do, measure and so on.

Problem with CX is in its name

The problem with CX as a majority see it, is in the name of it. CX equals client experience, right? Yes, that is true. However, seemingly magical things happen inside firms that expand their vision of it to see it as business process improvement, HR modernization, digital transformation and applied emotional intelligence all wrapped up into one, driving force needed to compete and win in the 21st century.

Modernize your orientation

When CX Pilots is out presenting our work, case studies, methodologies, innovations, and philosophies about CX, we are almost always met with the tilting head double take. Like dogs that hear a high-pitched sound. We get it. We talk about CX far more expansively than most. In fact, we like to show this graphic to intentionally tilt more heads.

CX Pilots is 100% focused on professional, services-based firms

Finally, a CX consulting team focused on supporting the unique needs of professional services firms. Reach out to see how we support firms like yours.

What is CX consulting?

“Wait a minute,” you might be saying…” that’s not CX, that’s just management consulting.” And you wouldn’t be altogether wrong. The difference is that we need the new power of outcome-oriented journey-based mapping and data management to make this new CX-based management consulting to be effective.

What can CX accomplish for our firm?

When CX Pilots’ CX consultants talk about CX solutions, they’re talking about business solutions that use client (or prospect) journey-based information to drive positive outcomes. In most cases when you hear a CX Pilots CX consultant share experience-based metrics they are referring to Value Drivers and/or ROI Tools. These CX Value Drivers and CX ROI tools help firms in myriad ways.

22 ways you’re probably not fully leveraging CX

  • Increase annual revenue by focusing on premium opportunities
  • Increase # of ideal clients per year
  • Increase profit by focusing on ideal client relationships
  • Increase # of ideal projects/matters per year
  • Decrease client churn
  • Increase actionable insights from feedback
  • Elevate firm purpose and brand promise to drive engagement
  • Decrease # hours in unprofitable prospect pursuits per year
  • Convert # of blind RFPs into sole source opportunities
  • Increase # of repeat clients
  • Improve effectiveness of onboarding
  • Integrate marketing into CX for lower cost/lead and overall BD costs
  • Increase NPS ranking/promoters
  • Improve referral volume and quality
  • Increase potential price premium
  • Increase client lifetime value (CLV)
  • Improve marketing content strategy via journey-based info
  • Inject greater empathy into marketing, proposal, interview, and lifecycle management
  • Decrease employee churn, increase employee engagement
  • Decrease cost of recruitment while increasing effectiveness
  • Eliminate project lifecycle friction
  • Unification and differentiation of firm brand, messaging and positioning around experience-based approach

CX impact on marketing alone is a game-changer

When your firm begins to fully grasp the impact journey-based information can have, we guarantee light bulbs will go off in every head involved. It happens in every CX program we help create. At first, firm marketers see the opportunity staring them in the eye, then a giant wave of positive change begins to take hold.

Listen to what your clients say — but also watch what they do

Here’s the fulcrum of the issue. Do you 100% trust your client to know what you need to capture, understand, contextualize, and improve in your business from their brief encounter with your employees? I hope you don’t. I hope you do trust them — but I also hope your trust isn’t faith blind.

Work is changing, change with it

As the workplace revolution accelerates, competing firms begin to double-down on their employees’ engagement levels, and more focus is driven into the economics of experience, a lot of important dynamics in business are going to shake out.

Case study “CX in the field”

Case in point: we worked recently with a national leader in engineering. In a client journey session, we hit a prime tension point between a firm manager and their direct report, a site supervisor.

B2B is now H2H

We hear it a few times a week; “yea, but we’re a B2B firm, our clients know we must serve them differently.”

Ok, so how should I approach CX?

The solution to all this is to begin a CX management program by beginning.



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Steven Keith

Steven Keith


Founder of cxpilots.com, a service design firm that creates Relationship Design Tools for CX.